Impact of COVID-19 on Admissions 2020


The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically reshaped life and living across the world. While change is apparent with Higher-ed Institutions and their admissions, detailed insights into the student engagement, inquiry, and admissions trends before and after the lockdown can help you plan your next actions with admissions.

We looked into the trends that emerged post-lockdown that was announced by the Government of India, and brought them all onto the table to give basis to our “Admission 2020 Impact Report”.

What’s in it for you?

  • Impact of the Lockdown on Admissions Pipeline
  • How has it impacted the student decision making process?
  • What does the industry think: an All India Survey of Academic Institutions
  • Your possible Strategic Responses to the COVID-19 impact on admissions
  • Ripple effects of the lockdown throughout the admission cycle
  • Preparedness checklist to steer ahead admissions while bracing minimal impact