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Admission Software: Enrol Learners for your Online Degree Programmes

Streamline, automate and manage your online enrolment work flows on a unified platform to attract, engage, and enrol learners at scale.
Online Degree Workflow Builders
Student Identity Verification
360° Student Engagement
Scale Enrolments

Trusted and by 1000+ educational institutions across India

How educational institutions are scaling their online degree
programmes with Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms)?

The most critical aspect that educational institutions offering online degree programmes need to ensure is a smooth,
connected experience for applicants. From centralising enquiries to managing applications, from automated document verification via
DigiLocker to student identity verification via Aadhaar Authentication, from managing queries to contextual nurturing until enrolment,
Meritto is the de facto, specialized platform of choice of educational institutions offering online degree programmes.

Lead Centralisation & Nurturing
Powerful Marketing Automation Platform
360° Communication
Advanced Reports & Analytics
Unified Student Enrolment Portal
Automated Student Identity Verification
Inbuilt Payment Collection Platform
Custom Enrolment Journey Workflows

One Unified Platform for Students

Empower your candidates to keep a track of their end-to-end journey with a highly configurable centralised dashboard. Improve student experience and increase retention at every step with a single view dashboard to apply, track, communicate, and enrol faster.

One View Dashboard
E-commerce Platform
Query Management System
Instant Notifications
Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Student Verification

Fetch Pre-verified Documents & Authenticate via Aadhaar

Empower your candidates to directly fetch their documents from DigiLocker. Since these are already pre-verified documents, the need to physically authenticate each and every piece of document is eliminated.

With Aadhaar Authentication, your prospective students can verify their Aadhaar details in a single-click, without needing to upload any files or share any details. It is secure, flexible and takes less than a minute.

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Enrolment Automation

Create Custom Enrolment Journey Workflows

Online Degrees need more flexibility in their processes which requires a more flexible and advanced system to manage the complete enrolment journey. This is where the Enrolment Journey Workflow Builder comes in.

Whether you have a document approval process, or an online interview round – create course/program specific enrolment journeys within minutes with the drag and drop workflow builder. Enable/ Disable workflows as per the requirements and watch it unfold on the Student Portal in real time.


Get complete visibility of your Enrolments, in real time!

360° Visibility with insight-driven Dashboards. Stay on top of your centre wise performance with robust Reports & Analytics. Identify the best performing courses, the bottlenecks, and take strategic calls in real time.

Centralised Course Wise Reports
Track Marketing Performance
100+ Advanced Dashlets
Comparative Benchmarking
Drag & Drop Report Builder
Finance Dashboard

Create Powerful Automation Flows & run your conversions on Auto Pilot

Optimise your enquiry to enrolment rate by analysing student’s interests & tracking their decision-making process. Create powerful Marketing Automation workflows to nurture each student based on their current stage in the enrolment journey. Intelligent nudges help you automate daily tasks by automatically nudging the students to the next step, even while your team is on leave.

Drip Marketing Workflows
Automated Student Journey
Hyper Personalised Communication
In Depth Analytics

Create Powerful Payment Workflows

Create conditional payment workflows right from the inbuilt payment manager and collect any type of fee within seconds. Configure discounts, create simplified payment plans, and launch new programs/offerings in just a few clicks.

Conditional Workflow Builder
Instant Financing (No Cost and Interest based EMIs)
Multiple Payment Modes
One View Reconciliation Dashboard
Automated Receipt/Invoicing
Finance Dashboard
Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Payment Management

Payments, Simplified!

Meritto provides a Unified Payment Stack purposely built for institutions offering online degrees. No more toggling between multiple payment gateways, digital/offline windows for you or your students. Empower all your stakeholders with custom payment dashboards, reconcilliation reports, transaction summaries, all on a single platform.

Provide a frictionless experience to your prospects with a gamut of payment options enabled directly on the Student Portal.

Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Financing

Enrol More with easy monthly payment plans

Empower students to pay their fees instantly or later in easy monthly instalments with collateral-free access to loans with instant online approval. The students get to pay via flexible payment plans, while you get the full fee upfront.

Learn more about Collexo- Unified Payment Portal
Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Lead Management

Drive more enrolments with Lead Management System

Centralize, manage and distribute your incoming leads across different sources in a unified platform. Eliminate lead duplication completely through primary, secondary and tertiary source attribution and empower your teams to easily monitor the lead source performances, optimize lead nurturing workflows and drive seamless enrolments, without having to rely on standalone ERP or third party point solutions.

Lead Centralisation
Real Time Source Tracking
Dynamic Distribution
Quality Lead Flow
Learn More
Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Lead Allocation

Smart Allocation and Nudges

Ensure no missed opportunities by automating lead distribution to counsellors: either in a round robin manner or dynamically, based on your preferred custom logic. Automate your leads to be assigned based on location, course requirements, and preferred language. The inbuilt AI judges the intent of the lead and nudges your team to intervene, at the right time!

Dynamic Lead Allocation
Round Robin/Business Logics
One View Lead Profile
Lead Score & Strength
Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Student Verification

Ensure 360° engagement with Unified Communication Suite

Through Unified Communication Suite, you can segment and auto-allocate leads to the right counsellor, based on their demographics, disposition, activity timeline and behaviour. Now, you can engage with your leads instantly as and when they inquire, personalize and scale your nurturing efforts in a 360* manner via omni channel platforms like Email, SMS and WhatsApp, facilitating their journey in a contextual way via a unified platform and bidirect relevant content at the right time to exert quick sense of urgency, without overwhelming them, to multiply conversion opportunities manifold.

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Query Management System

Manage enrolment queries efficiently with Query Management System

Track, manage and resolve your applicant queries instantly via multiple communication channels from anytime, anywhere and scale your enrolment counseling efforts in the right direction to drive seamless enrolments.

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Application Automation

Organize and manage applications seamlessly with Application Automation

Automate your application processes instantly by creating intuitive, drag-and-drop forms for your prospective students accorded with specific courses. Enable your applicants to complete and submit their application details, pay their fees and keep a track of their enrolment status with a comprehensive Student Enrolment Portal that serves as a central hub for their end-to-end journey and provide a seamless, personalized applicant experience!

Not just that, the inclusion of a centralized and efficient student query management system empowers you and your teams to track, prioritize and resolve Enrolment-specific queries in a few clicks to reduce candidate turnarounds significantly and speed up enrolments!

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Student Verification

Maximize the ROI of your Enrolment Marketing Campaigns

Track, measure and optimize the efficiency of all your campaigns in real time to optimize your lead acquisition strategy and maximize ROI from your institutional spends. Develop and execute enrolment marketing campaigns via digital media planning across online and offline channels to systematically drive traction, optimize marketing ROI on spends and drive faster response and application conversion rates.

Not only this, you can comparatively benchmark the performance of your lead sources in real time to analyze, plan and allocate your marketing budget smartly to increased and faster conversions.

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Student Verification

Provide a delightful counseling experience with Niaa – The Education Chatbot

Niaa, the conversational AI-based Education chatbot, helps intelligently engage with your candidates throughout their enrolment journey. Built with evolving Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and robust Machine Learning (ML) techniques, Niaa provides a delightful counselling experience with a human touch. Available 24*7, Niaa can be integrated across web, WhatsApp and Facebook to help build applications, optimize ROI in real-time and drive enrolment seamlessly!

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Real-time Reports and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with Advanced Reports and Analytics

Get a bird’s eye view of your enrolments at every stage of the student journey with real-time reports and analytics. Identify the latest higher education trends, best performing marketing channels and analyze the quality of student applications for specific courses with powerful, configurable dashlets.

Not just that, empower your enrolment teams of all sizes to view, modify and scale your enrollment management in a consolidated platform through robust, data-driven metrics and seamlessly evaluate the progress of your ongoing enrolment cycle to make informed, student-based decisions.

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Enrolment Software For Online Courses » Real-time Reports and Analytics

Manage enrolments on the go with Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) Mobile App

Whether it is monitoring the health of your enrolments at a glance, managing and scheduling direct candidate calls, evaluating the progress of your ongoing enrolment cycle via real-time analytics, optimizing the performance of your enrolment marketing campaigns or reducing query turnaround and response times, the Meritto Mobile App empowers you to do all of this anytime, at your fingertips.

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Benefits of Using our CRM for Educational Institution


Subscription Automation

Connect on a one-on-one basis or release bulk communication through our exclusive marketing tools.


Subscription Automation

100% transparency to plan, track and optimise partner delivery while ensuring the highest levels of privacy for institutions.


Subscription Automation

Optimise your approach to reach out to students with real-time Custom Audiences on Facebook and Google Remarketing.


Subscription Automation

Make your engagement personalised and dynamic through WhatsApp Business API at your fingertips.


Subscription Automation

Connect with your candidates through our AI-based chatbot- Niaa. Available 24*7 & can be integrated across web, WhatsApp and FB to help build applications, optimize ROI in real-time and drive enrolments seamlessly.

I am absolutely delighted to tell you our journey with NPF has been amazing for the last 3 years.
Prof. Anand Prakash Mishra
Director Law Enrolments
Jindal Global Law School
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