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Real Time Analytics

Get Predictive Analysis for the number of applications per course, and get a brief idea of the revenue. Track the aggregated progress- total forms filled, total payments received, total payments pending of all the courses. Get insights on what courses are performing the best and where you need the additional push.

Real Time Application Analytics help you assess the current health of your admissions and stay on top of any areas that might need attention.

real time analytics
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Benchmarking Dashboard

With the Meritto Benchmarking Module, you can identify areas where you are doing well and areas where you need to improve. Compare trends and numbers over time to enable enhanced strategic planning and improved efficient options to adapt and reflect on realities and needs.

Benchmark the year on year performance based on the total leads and applications received. Check the Running Application Average and use predictive analytics to check the Running Projections for the final tally that you might end up with.


One knows exactly where the shoe pinches and one is able to put their resources, put their efforts at absolutely right places because of the information intelligence.

– Dr. Navneet Sharma, Dean, IFIM Business School

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Student Quality Index

Student Quality Index provides a quick snapshot of the applicant’s profile, based on Academics, Work Experience, Demographic Parameters etc. like Board-wise Segregation and Percentage Marks distribution, Geographical Diversification, and more.

Analyse the quality of applications received in real time and get the unseen insights to make informed decisions and find the most compatible applicants for your course.

Student quality index
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Application Dashlets

Did we mention it’s smart as well? You have queries flowing in, and it is just as important that your queries are marked for someone who’s the most appropriate to be able to resolve them. On the Meritto Support Desk, you could configure auto-assign queries based on their nature or type. The respective teams are notified, so that they could work on the resolutions just as quickly!

Application Dashlets
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Form Wise Analytics

Right from tracking the number of queries generated to queries attended, queries resolved, queries escalated, you have it all for you to view in a single snapshot with date and time for each action or response that was given. Furthermore, you could also resolve all payment disputes and reconciliations for an error free and smooth application processing

Form wise analytics
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Trend Analysis

Is there a way for you to know where and when is it that your admissions need a boost to convert more applicants? With Meritto’ Trend Analysis module, it is one of many possibilities. Search through data in attempts to spot a trend, a pattern, or an important aspect of your admissions that you might be missing out on.

An interactive data summarisation tool to fragment datasets into a separate, concise table. You can use it to create an informative summary of your admissions data or even make comparisons between the two sets. Say you could pivot course versus Application status or Applications against the GDPI centre, all in a click!