Personalise Engagement with Marketing Automation

Automate personalised, targeted marketing communication to prospective students to improve engagement, maximise ROI, and scale your enrolments.

Create Powerful Automation Flows &
run your conversions on Auto-Pilot

Typically, educational organisations acquire leads from multiple sources. Due to limited resources, their nurturing efforts are limited to standardised bulk emails, SMSes, WhatsApp messages, and one-on-one calls. The lack of personalisation and untimely response results in poor engagement, spamming, and broken customer experience, leading to a higher number of drop-offs. This in turn, severely impacts your marketing ROIs, degrades brand value, and limits enrolments in an admission cycle.

Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) Marketing Automation platform enables you to run your enrolment processes on auto-pilot mode! Customise powerful marketing workflows to nurture prospects with a personalised touch at their very own stage in the enrolment journey. Sync your interactive stage-specific communication templates (SMSes, emails, Push Notifications, and WhatsApp messages) with real-time updates in the lead stage and enhance your engagement. Build powerful marketing workflows and ensure that your prospects take the right action, add more personal touch by empowering your teams to intervene at the right time! What’s more? Intelligent nudges help you automate daily tasks by automatically nudging the parent’s to the next step, even while your team is on leave.

Experience 360° Marketing Automation for Enrolments

Automate engagement for your prospects across channels to ensure multiple touchpoints that lead to faster and increased conversions.

Reaching out


Automate emails based on prospects' admission journey

Reaching out


Nurture prospects through multilingual text messages

Reaching out

WhatsApp Business API

Engage with immersive messaging on WhatsApp

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Push Notifications

Ensure prompt prospect and counsellor actions

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