Effectively scale your target outreach with Meritto Amplify

Empower your sales and counseling teams with an integrated voice broadcast platform to focus on high-quality leads, saving time, costs, and effort

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Scale your reach, leads, and conversions

In the competitive world of education, reaching your target audience at scale is crucial. Every day, your sales and counseling teams spend significant time manually nurturing raw data to identify qualified leads. This is not only costly and time-consuming but also makes it difficult to prioritize efforts, leading to missed opportunities and a loss of potential students.

Enter Meritto Amplify, which comes readily integrated with our purpose-built CRM and equips you to scale your target outreach effectively. With just a few clicks, you can send pre-recorded voice messages to prospective students at scale, instantly creating qualified leads. This integrated system allows you to prioritize and nurture leads contextually, providing real-time reports and eliminating the need to switch between systems, thus enhancing overall efficiency.

Run Press #1 campaigns to create and verify leads from Raw Data

Got millions of raw data? Effortlessly turn them into valuable leads and verify them quickly. Simply broadcast recorded voice messages to your contacts. Prospects can simply respond by pressing digits on their dialer that instantly creates and verifies leads in Meritto CRM. This captures interest fast, streamlines your lead generation process, and ensures verified leads are created directly in the lead manager.

Run Press#1 campaigns
Focus on the Important Gole

Pay only for connected calls

With Meritto Amplify, you only pay for connected calls, making it a cost-effective solution for educational institutions. Reach out to millions of prospective students with personalized messages without worrying about wasted expenses on unanswered calls. This ensures your budget is spent wisely on actual connections, maximizing your investment.

Create and manage voice broadcast templates

Ensure consistency in your messages by creating voice broadcast templates on Meritto CRM. Upload recorded files and get them auto-approved for immediate use. Plus, stay tuned for our upcoming “text-to-speech integration” feature, making template creation even easier.

Create and manage voice broadcast
Maximize campaign reach

Maximize campaign reach with automatic retries

Never miss an opportunity to connect. With our automatic campaign retry feature, you can easily set up retries for unanswered calls. Define the number of retries and intervals to ensure your message reaches as many students as possible. This way, you maximize engagement and ensure every potential lead is contacted effectively.

Nurture leads with timely voice broadcasts

Enhance your lead nurturing by sending voice broadcast communications at just the right time. Whether it’s application fill-up and payment reminders, real-time admission updates, or date-specific announcements, Meritto Amplify has you covered. With all student information in one place, you can easily schedule contextual voice broadcast campaigns, ensuring you stay connected with your leads, applications, and opportunities, throughout their enrollment journey and boost conversions.

Track analyze and strategize
Run Press#1 campaigns

Schedule and track campaign performance

Easily schedule your voice broadcast campaigns for any time of the day, beyond your working hours. Track performance to understand what’s working and what’s not. Get detailed campaign-wise reports in a tabular view to gain insights. Stay tuned for upcoming features like campaign ROI in graphical and funnel views, ensuring you stay informed and optimize your strategies.

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Real-Time counselor connection

Allow interested prospects to connect directly with your counselors or agents during the voice broadcast itself. With a simple keypress input, leads can request an immediate call transfer, enabling real-time nurturing and personalized assistance.

It ensures that hot leads don’t go cold. Your team can promptly address queries, provide tailored guidance, and maximize conversion opportunities by capitalizing on the prospect’s heightened interest.

Personalize like never
Scale target student

Scale target student and learner outreach in a limited time

Meritto Amplify leverages mass communication technology to deliver pre-recorded voice messages directly to your target audience effectively at scale.

Scale target and learner outreach in alimited time
Real-Automate the lead generation process without manual efforts

Automate the lead generation process without manual efforts

Through Press #1 campaigns, prospective students can simply respond by pressing digits on their dialer menu during the voice broadcast, instantly creating verified leads in Meritto CRM.

Automate the lead generation process without manual efforts
Collect feedback from students without the counselor's efforts

Collect feedback from students without the counselor’s efforts

Using the template manager, you can create customized voice broadcast templates that capture student responses based on their digit inputs.

Collect feedback from students without the counsellors efforts