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Know when prospective students and learners take the most critical actions, on the most critical channels instantly through real-time sales notifications

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There is no point in using a purpose-built CRM to grow your enrollments if you can’t manage your student or learner relationships in real-time. You need to know, and almost immediately, about the student’s interaction with your education organization, so you can act before it is too late. You need to know when they open an email, start making a payment, begin an application, or even send a WhatsApp message.

That’s exactly why we created Zing, a real-time sales notification engine—to equip you to seize the opportunities with the power of now. With it, you get real-time alerts, or “Zing,” as we call it, on the most critical student activities through the most critical channels like mobile notifications, browser push notifications, and on-site notifications. This ensures you are promptly informed of their actions and needs, equipping you to take timely strategic actions.

A Zing is all you need to stay on top of all student movements to proactively engage, nurture, and convert more.

Real-time movements

Instant alerts, instant opportunities

Sit back and relax. Leap into action the moment a student undertakes a critical activity with the instant notification. When you get a Zing, it’s a real-time alert for your sales team to capitalize on opportunities the instant they arise, setting the stage for more meaningful engagements and higher conversion rates.

Instant alerts
Personalize like never
Customized interactions

Personalize like never before

Every prospective student is unique, and with Zing, you’ll have the insights to treat them that way. Tailor your conversations based on real-time data on prospects’ actions and interests, making every interaction more meaningful and effective.

Lead prioritization

Focus on signals, most important to you

With all your notifications and updates at your fingertips, Zing makes it easy to stay on top of your sales game. You can choose to enable notifications on critical student activities that matter to you the most, promptly respond to these opportunities, and convert more students and learners effectively.

Focus on the Important Gole
Track analyze and strategize
Capture every opportunity

You can never miss a Zing

With Zing, every notification is archived, ensuring you never miss a beat. Access the history of all notifications, including those that were not acted upon, to capture every opportunity. This allows you to revisit and analyze missed alerts, helping you understand patterns, improve responsiveness, and ensure that no prospect is overlooked.

Swift Alerts, Swift Closure

Swift Alerts, Swift Closure

Streamline the transition from interest to investment.

Say when a prospect initiates a payment, you get a Zing as you’re notified instantly, allowing for immediate acknowledgment and follow-up. This ensures no momentum is lost, enhancing the student experience.

Real-Time Insight, Faster Conversion

Real-Time Insight, Faster Conversion

Transform warm leads into hot opportunities.

Zing’s dynamic tracking elevates lead management by identifying and updating lead stages in real-time. Be the first to act upon receiving a Zing, recognizing when a student’s engagement signals readiness to enroll, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in nurturing.

Connect Instantly, Engage Personally

Connect Instantly, Engage Personally

Personalize engagement by meeting leads on their preferred platforms.

An instant Zing to you means you can connect the moment a prospect engages through WhatsApp and other channels. This immediate insight allows for prompt, personalized responses, strengthening relationships with the student prospects.