Education CRM for Admissions Management Team

Incredibly advance your Admission Management with an all-in-one platform designed to help you scale.
 Education CRM For Admission Management Teams

Increase Operational Efficiency of your Teams and Scale your Admissions

360 Application Command Centre

360° Central Command to manage Applications

Personalize Access Mobilize

Cut Down Manual Efforts and Streamline Processes

Tracking campaign

Prioritize, Engage, and Nurture: from anywhere

Automate Your Day

Seamlessly Manage Post Application Processes

Do what matters

Equip yourself with the most comprehensive set of Application Management tools

We understand that Admissions are the core of your Institution. Streamline the entire candidate journey, from enquiry to enrolment. Delight your prospective students and teams alike with the seamlessness!

Your 360° Central Command Centre for Applications

Manage all applications at a glance. Advance your search within the Application Pool to pinpoint applications to their status. Do what you want to do, without leaving silos behind!

Application processing
Seamless Application Processing

Never miss a pulse of the registrations, admissions, and fee payments. Customize your dashboard to see what’s important to you real-time and pivot data points to analyze application and revenue trends.

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Advance search and filter
Advanced Search and Filtering

With Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) Advanced Filters, you could fuse as many filters as you like to sort and filter your leads and applications.

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Application Reports and Analytics
Application Reports and Analytics

Readily evaluate your Admissions for trends and performances or to identify bottlenecks. Benchmark Application Numbers or choose to view the Student Quality Index. Strategically drive your admission efforts!

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Advance your Applicant Engagement and Nurturing

A seamless and personalized experience makes student turn-around effortless and quick. Map engagement workflows to deliver an omni-channel experience to your prospective students!

Communicate in a click
Communicate in a click!

Whether it’s a reminder to complete their application or a confirmation email of acceptance, park, and send as many communication templates with tokens to personalize every single time.

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Candidate Dasboard
Drive Actions with Candidate Dashboards

One-login dashboard for your applicants to do all the admission work. Forms, Fee Payments, Slot Booking, Documents, and everything that you could think of. It’s all here!

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Admission support QMS
Admission Support made accessible!

With a one-view Query Dashboard, you could delight your confused and curious applicants with the help and support they need. Auto-assign queries, manage FAQs, and more.

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our record with equipping Admission Teams across Institutions
Applications Processed
Upto 60%
Optimisation of Operational Efficiency

Personalize Access, Mobilize your Admission Teams

Admissions aren’t a one-person job. This is exactly why we let you configure user access to share what’s needed only. What’s next? Equip them with ease, agility to manage admissions remotely or while on the move!

screens 4
Admission Made Mobile
Admissions Made Mobile

Whether it’s checking on your Admissions data or reaching out to your Applicants, you could do it all on the move. No matter where you are!

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Put the smartest admission assistant to work

Built to intelligently engage your prospective students, Niaa can provide them with the best counseling experience.Forms, Dates, Campus, or Life at your college? Let Niaa automatically answer questions on your web pages or even WhatsApp!

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Manage Post-Application Processes Seamlessly

Have Exams, Group Discussions, or Personal Interviews to manage after Applications? We have you covered! Fun fact, we don’t stop just there.

Post Application GD PIs
Manage GD-WAT and PI

Plan your Venue-GD Capacity, Automate allocation of scores of interview rounds, and panels based on logics for as many candidates as you have. Enable online scoring to instantly generate merit and shortlists!

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Make Fee Payments easy
Make Fee Payments Easy

Whether it’s the Application Fee, Exam Fee Hostel Fee, or the Token Fee, you could allow your applicants to make them in a click while you seamlessly manage payments from a centralized dashboard to confirm enrolments.

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Manage Applicant Documents
Manage Applicant Documents

With a single repository for all your candidate documents, download, verify, approve or reject them all hassle-free in a click!

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anand prakash

NPF is transformational for Universities in India. No other company or App in my knowledge has digitized the traditional University Admission systems and saved tonnes of paper and trees! Every University, public or private must get NPF now!

– Prof. Anand Prakash Mishra, Director Law Admissions, OP Jindal Global University

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Robust Dashboards
Robust Dashboards

Streamline and manage all your applications. Track everyday progress to identify opportunities and optimize bottlenecks.

Communicate across channels
Communicate Across Channels

Delight your Applicants with an omni-channel communication strategy. Nudge them to fill that application form!

Advanced Form Builder
Advanced Form Builder

Create and Customize intuitive and feature-rich application forms in a few clicks!

Resolve Student Queries
Resolve Student Queries

Assist Applicants with their queries in real time, use dynamic allocation, and categorisation to speed up support!

Post Applications made easy
Post Applications made easy

Whether it’s planning your entrance exam or GD-PI, do it all on a single platform. Track attendance, generate merit, and short-lists, enable fee payments. All, in a click!

Admission on the move
Admissions on the move!

Working remotely or continuously on the move? Mobilise your Admissions and your teams. Don’t let distance or connectivity interrupt your work!

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