User Management: Take Control of Your Data with Advanced User Management


Why do you need Advanced User Management?

When it comes to managing admissions, it is imperative for educational institutions to establish the right authorization to their team members for accessing admission management functions. Due to a lack of channelized procedure at the administrative level, there was no way to manage access of specific data to users. This further led to data discrepancies within the admission teams and related data privacy issues, thus affecting the institution's brand reputation and ultimately, enrolments.

Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) Advanced User Management System allows an educational institution to create, manage and monitor the login sessions for each user and establish permissions for viewing, editing and managing lead or application data. Further, with Meritto' Advanced Data Masking feature, you can safely store and secure candidate information, optimize your team’s bandwidth to deliver supreme user experiences and drive faster conversions.

What comprises Advanced User Management?

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Users Empowered
Daily User Activity Logs Captured
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Advanced User Management
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Task Execution with Advanced Data Masking