Study Abroad and Education Consultant CRM

Unify processes and your counseling, marketing, finance, and operation teams to be more productive.
Lead Centralization and Management
Counselor Management
Document Management
Marketing Communication and Automation
Counselor Performance Report
Payment Management

Grow your enrollments, and grow your revenue

Our unified platform empowers you to maximize every opportunity—from applications, accommodations, and loans to forex—while enabling your teams to centralize student inquiries, hyper-personalize engagements, and manage documents. Whether you’re an agent or a student, our purpose-built solutions make the process easy and efficient for all!

Agent Dashboard

Purpose-built for domestic

Student Enrollment Portal

Purpose-built for domestic

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Atmia Education.

Drive up your revenue per student

Lead Centralization & Remarketing

Centralize all quality leads in the pipeline

Capture student inquiries and centralize leads from various sources, web and third-party applications for your counseling teams to effortlessly manage them on a single platform. Verify leads to prioritize engagement and achieve zero lead leakage.

Lead Source Tracking
Responsive Landing Page Builder
Website Widget (Web Form)
Lead Ad Connectors
Remarketing Connectors
Conversion Tags Integration
Lead Centralization & Remarketing
Workflow Management

Automate daily tasks with workflow builder

By setting up workflows and alerts for different teams, automating the conversion process can have a significant impact, reducing manual dependency and streamlining the process to ensure higher productivity.

One View Lead Profile
Lead Verification
Custom Fields & Tabs
Lead Score and Strength
Bulk Offline Upload/Quick Add
Duplicate Blocking
Workflow Management
Sales Performance Management

Track counselor performance by course, intake date and more

Get 360° visibility of your counseling team’s productivity as you track their conversions, engagement, and calling reports on a single powerful dashboard. Leverage data to prioritize counseling and application support.

Custom Dashboard
Report Builder
Counselor Productivity Report
Advanced Filters
Calling Reports
Lead Engagement Reports
Sales Performance Management
Payment Management

Enroll faster with an in-built payment platform

Run time-bound discount campaigns, generate payment links, and track their effectiveness. Automate fee reminders, configure payment splits, and implement late fees with powerful financial dashboards.

Extensive Payment Workflows
Generate Payment links
Automate Payment reminders
Payment Settlement in Multiple Accounts
Reconciliation & Settlement
Automated GST & Surcharge Handling
Payment Management
Marketing Communication & Automation

Contextually nurture all your prospective students

Automate your entire Marketing Communication efforts across channels like Email, SMS, or WhatsApp based on your potential student’s activity and engagement at touchpoints. Strategize the perfect outreach with advanced communication workflows and enroll them to courses provided by your partner educational institutions.

360° Communication Suite
Drag & Drop Email Template Builder
Responsive Email Template
Drip Marketing Automation and Workflow Builder
Communication Performance Reports & Tracking
Marketing Communication & Automation
Student Enrollment Portal

Leverage the power of an Unified Student Enrollment Portal

Improve student experience and increase retention at every step by equipping your students with a single view dashboard to apply, track, communicate, and avail more services

Dynamic Dashboard
My Payment
My Queries
My Communication
Application and Enrollment Management
Sales Opportunity Management

Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Know when a candidate could best suit for other courses or performance improvement programs for IELTS, SAT, and more. Maximize revenue with pre-integrated loan providers, accommodation, and forex services- all from within the CRM.

Custom Tabs
Custom Fields
Sales Opportunity Management
Campaign Management

Maximize your Marketing Campaign’s ROI

Track, measure, and optimize the efficiency of all your enrollment marketing campaigns in real time and maximize the ROI from your marketing spends. Stay on top of your conversion tracking from inquiries and applications.

Campaign Dashboard
Comparative Benchmarking
Lead Verification Index
Channel & Inventory Classification
Mutually Exclusive Impact (MEI)
Source Performance Report

Learn more about Campaign Management

Campaign Management
Reports and Analytics

Generate and download detailed reports

Dive deep into insights and analytics on the performance of different teams, such as conversion rates, time taken for visa processing, and more.

Inquiry to Enrollment Funneling
Drag and Drop Report Builder
Track Sales & Counsellor Performance
100+ Advanced Visual Dashlets
Reports and Analytics
User Management

Take complete control with advanced user management

Define teams and hierarchy to group teams based on different universities, courses, and other custom logics to enable data sharing based on permission. Mask your potential student’s data to securely manage it.

Role Based Access
Teams & Hierarchy Management
User Session and Audit Log
Data Masking
Restricted IP Access
Permission Template

Learn more about User Management

User Management
Counselor Management & Automation

Manage counselors and their counseling sessions

Distribute leads among your counseling teams using various custom logics based on country, university, conversion performance, or courses. Keep a check on your counseling teams’ performance to analyze their efforts and results.

Smart Views
Advanced Lead Distribution
Cloud Telephony Integration
360° Communication Suite
Tasks & Follow-Ups
Counselor Performance Reporting
Counselor Management and Automation
WhatsApp Business API

Leverage WhatsApp Business API for dynamic engagements

Engage potential students on their preferred platform— WhatsApp. Create your own custom template and automate hyper-personalized outreach efforts. Maximize your counselor’s productivity, optimize your marketing ROI, and grow your enrollments.

Automated Nurturing Instant Notifications
Rich Media Messaging
Custom Communication Templates
WhatsApp Business API

Connect Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) with apps and integrations you use

Expand the possibilities of what can be achieved

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Study Abroad & Education Consultant CRM explained in minutes!

If you’re still unsure about how our purpose-built CRM solution can help you grow your enrollments, watch this quick video featuring one of our enrollment experts to get a recap of its amazing features.

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