Unified Student Inquiry Management

Experience unparalleled efficiency in handling student inquiries, driving enrollment rates, and elevating student satisfaction.
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Consolidated System

Effortlessly Handle Student Queries with Meritto

Upgrade your student support system with Meritto’s specialized Query Management System. It offers your candidates and their parents the ability to submit queries directly from their personal dashboard, while real-time notifications keep them updated on the progress of their inquiries. This interactive and intuitive platform has been tailored to fit the needs of diverse educational organizations – from Higher Education and Online Degree Programs to Coaching Institutes, EdTech companies, K-12 schools, and Preschools.

In addition to its core features, Meritto’s One View Dashboard provides instant access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and presents vital metrics at a glance, eliminating the need for repeated searches or queries. Immerse your institution in the Meritto experience and transform the way you manage student inquiries. This is where streamlined simplicity meets academic interaction.

Student Admission Portal

Robust Enrolment Support

Resolve queries as soon as the candidate raises a query! Allow your team to simply view the query, help the candidate with a reply, and close the conversation immediately so that the candidate could further proceed with the enrolment process and complete it until the end without a hassle.


Assign leads to your Specific Team

Did we mention it’s smart as well? You have queries flowing in, and it is just as important that your queries are marked for someone who’s the most appropriate person to be able to resolve them. On the Meritto Support Desk, you could configure and auto-assign queries based on their nature or type. The respective teams are notified, so that they could work on the resolutions just as quickly!

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Track the actions on Student Query

Track the number of queries generated, queries attended, queries resolved, queries escalated etc. with date and time for each action. Complete payment dispute resolutions and reconciliation queries to ensure error free and smooth application processing.

Student portal QMS

Feedback Management

Measure the quality of resolution provided by your teams on the basis of the candidate feedback. The candidates can rate the support received with a positive or a negative feedback and you can always reach out to them to understand their concerns better. This also helps you keep a track of how well you understand the type of queries.

Student portal QMS

Push to FAQ

Eliminate repetitive questions with the Push to FAQ functionality and directly send any query into the FAQ section. Reduce the burden on your teams and allow them to focus on conversions, while the candidate has a view of all basic questions readily available.

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