Setting Up Masters’ Union : Unveiling the Story Behind the Genesis

November 18, 2022 5:00 pm

Dive into this extraordinary episode of #FounderStoriesByMeritto as we host Pratham Mittal, the visionary behind Masters' Union. Get ready to be inspired as Pratham takes us on an exclusive journey through his remarkable story and the driving force that led to the inception of Masters' Union. Gain unique insights into the genesis of this innovative institution and delve into the mind of an entrepreneur who turned his aspirations into reality in conversation with Suraj Sapra, our Co-founder and CSO. 

Key takeaways for audience:

  1. Unveiling Inspiration: Discover the driving force that ignited Pratham Mittal's vision for Masters' Union.
  2. Innovation Unveiled: Gain insights into the unique genesis and innovative essence of Masters' Union.
  3. Entrepreneurial Insights: Delve into the mindset and strategies that enabled Pratham to turn his aspirations into a successful venture.
  4. Shaping Educational Landscapes: Explore how Masters' Union is reshaping the future of education and pioneering a new era.