Decoding Admissions Unlock

Reaching out

This industry report documents the roadmap that the education sector has had with unlocking their admissions and the way forward for Institutions to be resilient and future ready with their Admissions.

Admissions seem to be changing for the better. While there’s too much noise about what exactly has happened or will happen, here’s an industry report from the country’s largest enrolment automation platform that tracks and drills down on the transition that Institutions have had with their admissions in all. With a sample of over 61 lakh leads and 50 institutions, it’s a report with a strong backing that cannot be ignored.

In particular, this report presents the impact at an aggregate level and summarizes the effective measures and strategies that Higher-ed Institutions worked and acted upon to embrace the challenges the unlock had

What’s in it for you?

  • Everything real about the impact caused by the lockdown.
  • Emerging trends revitalizing the Admissions unlock
  • Actionable numbers and insights to help you strategize your action-plans
  • A breakdown of the transition that Admission Counselling has had in all
  • The way forward for reimagining Admissions, Marketing and Post Applications
  • An self-assessment tool for you to litmus test your Institution’s resilience