Designing EdTech Sales That Works: A Beginners Guide

We understand that growing an EdTech company can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide specifically for beginners. From understanding industry trends to practical tips for designing a sales strategy that converts more learners, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

Edtech Sales

What’s in it for you?

This eBook provides effective strategies and practical insights that will help you:
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and capitalize on opportunities for growth
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the state of EdTech companies in India and how to navigate the unique challenges of the region
  • Craft an effective sales blueprint that will help you convert more learners and boost your revenue
  • Choose the right tools for the job with our handy checklist that will save you time and streamline your sales process

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about everything we do.

An EdTech CRM is a unified platform for student acquisition, retention, and upsell. It allows EdTech companies to get higher efficiency from their sales and marketing teams and eventually boost their enrollments and retention rates. It generally consists of features like Sales Execution & Automation, Sales Tracking & Performance, Sales Notifications, and Marketing Automation.

Unlike a generic sales CRM, Meritto’s purpose-built EdTech CRM is primarily designed to super-charge Marketing Teams to attract the right audiences, run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale, and contextually nurture leads down the sales funnel. Further, it equips the Sales Teams to drive leads to closure with powerful management, performance reporting, and notifications. What stands out is its Integrated Payment Management feature that makes it easy for sales teams to actually convert students and the management teams to track the effectiveness of campaigns.

An Education CRM is a purpose-built solution that can empower an educational organization’s sales and marketing teams to drive more student conversions. It equips teams to be more efficient and productive by allowing them to engage contextually with prospective learners and students. It is different from a B2B Sales CRM which typically involves a long and complex cycle, used mainly by sales representatives in organizations.

A B2B Sales CRM is not designed to handle high-volume calls, data analytics, tracking, and reporting which educational organizations like Ed-Tech companies and coaching and training institutes need in today’s day and age. Meritto’s B2C Education CRM solves all these problems with its deep focus on student touchpoints and their enrollment journey. It is widely used by large call center teams & on-field sales representatives and has features like Sales Execution & Automation, Sales Tracking & Performance, Marketing Automation, and Integrated Payment Management which is a unique differentiator. It empowers sales & marketing teams to fasten deal closures and track campaign effectiveness with real-time data.

A sales platform refers to a software solution specifically designed to help sales teams in educational organizations manage their enrollment and sales processes. These platforms typically provide a centralized platform for sales reps in organizations to manage the student enrollment journey and engage them until enrollment. Unlike a typical Sales Platform, Meritto’s purpose-built EdTech CRM equips Sales Teams to drive leads to closure with powerful management, performance reporting, and notifications.

It automates tasks and processes so sales teams can focus on what matters the most: engaging students to enroll them. Feature-packed with Sales Execution & Automation, Sales Tracking & Performance, Sales Notifications, and Marketing Automation, it equips sales teams in educational organizations to be more productive and efficient. But it doesn’t stop there as its Integrated Payment Management goes a step further by empowering sales teams to run scholarship and discount campaigns, generate payment links and track sales campaign effectiveness.

An Integrated Payment Platform allows educational organizations to make fee collection easier, faster, and more secure across all student touchpoints. It further empowers their teams to automate fee reminders, configure payment splits and late fees all while they get run time settlement reports, finance dashboards, and more! When coupled with an EdTech CRM, an Integrated Payment Platform can equip sales, marketing, finance and operations teams to run discount and scholarship campaigns, generate payment links, and boost effectiveness of their sales campaigns.

Meritto’s Integrated Payment Platform for EdTech Companies has features like Extensive Fee Workflows, Payment Settlement in Multiple Accounts, Reconciliation & Settlement Reports, and Automated GST & Surcharge Handling. It allows EdTech Companies to ensure lower potential student drop-offs, accelerate their time-to-cash journey, establish faster financial close and get increased visibility into enrollments. Trusted by over 1000 educational organizations, it is transforming the way enrollment fee is collected, managed, and tracked.

An Integrated Payment Platform with a CRM empowers Sales teams in EdTech companies to make the entire enrollment process quick and efficient. Here’s how it works exactly: With information like student activity, interest, conversation notes, and purchase power from the CRM, a sales rep can personalize an enrollment pitch, and create payment plans, and offer fee waiver discounts, or scholarships. They could then share these custom payment plans with a potential student who can make the payments in real time while talking with them. Drop-offs? Not anymore. The sales reps have what they need to convert students and students? They have a ton of flexibility!

The impact of an Integrated Payment Platform goes beyond the sales reports, as everyone from marketing, and finance to operations, can benefit from it. It helps EdTech companies to ensure that they have lower potential student drop-offs, accelerated time-to-cash, minimized errors, faster financial close and increased visibility.

Meritto is a de-facto choice for all educational organizations looking to grow their enrollments, as it equips their Sales, Marketing, Admission, Finance, and Operation teams to be more productive with its powerful yet easy-to-use solutions.

All their products from Enrollment Cloud, Education CRM, Application Platform, and Education Chatbot, to Payment Cloud, are purpose-built to keep educational organizations enrolling. With scalability at the forefront, it enables educational organizations to grow their enrollments today and helps prepare them for tomorrow. It is trusted and used by over 1000 educational organizations from EdTech Companies, Coaching & Training Institutes, Study Abroad Consultants, K12 Schools, Play & Pre-Schools to Higher Education Institutions.