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How is Meritto’s CRM better than Zoho CRM?

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A Brief Comparative Overview

Zoho Logo
  • Zoho is cloud-based CRM tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses. Its interface includes CRM tools such as sales and marketing automation, customer support and help desk, inventory management, product configuration and reporting, and customer analytics.

  • Positioning itself as the Operating System for businesses, Zoho offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses.

  • Zoho conducts its operations across a broad spectrum of industries from BFSI, Consulting, Software among many others.
Meritto Logo
  • Meritto is a cloud-based platform that offers purpose-built solutions to equip and empower counseling, marketing, admissions and finance teams in an education organization. Its interface tools for every stage of the student lifecycle from inquiry to enrollment.

  • Meritto is renowned as the Operating System for Student Recruitment and Enrollment, serving as a comprehensive solution for education organizations.

  • Specializing intensively in the educational field, Meritto has gained recognition as a leading standard by educational institutions worldwide.

Why Meritto outperforms Zoho?

The Education Industry Standard

Meritto, the Operating System for Student Recruitment and Enrollment has the reputation for purpose-building unified solutions for the education organizations. It is the de-facto choice, known or setting the standard when it comes to equipping Sales, Counseling, Marketing, Admissions and Finance Team to grow enrollments.

Crafted for Education Organizations

Zoho is built with a broad focus that often demands multiple customizations to adapt to the workflows of Counselling, Marketing, Admission, Finance, and Operation Team; however, this adaptability can only be configured up to a certain extent. On the other hand, the very DNA of Meritto’s products ensures they naturally and seamlessly align with the processes of these teams, encapsulating all their use cases effortlessly. All this enhances the user experience multifold.

Unparalleled Scalability

The most significant aspect of Meritto is its exceptional scalability. Numerous educational organizations adopt Meritto early, progressively using its advanced features as they expand. Our products are designed to prepare you for tomorrow and make scaling up easier.

Customer success at its Best

Meritto has a dedicated team of experts who are committed to providing exceptional support and assistance whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you need regular updates or one-on-one training sessions, we’re always here to help.

Lead Management Platform

Evaluate the efficacy and adaptability of each CRM system in consolidating and providing a unified view of incoming inquiries.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
One View Lead Profile
Lead Verification
Custom Fields Yes but with limits
Custom Tabs Yes but with limits
Bulk Offline Upload/Quick Add
Counselor Management Platform

Examine how each CRM equips your teams to track and nurture potential students, and how well it aligns with your education organization’s processes and strategies.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Smart Views
Sales Signals (Lead Score and Strength)
Advanced Lead Distribution (Business Logic) Yes but basic logics only
Tasks & Follow Ups
Conversation Notes
Sales Notifications
Opportunity Management
Request and Schedule a Call Automation
Sales Reporting/Counselor Productivity Dashboard
User and Team Management
Enrollment Marketing

Assess the power and versatility of the marketing tools offered by each CRM, and their capacity to engage prospective students and boost your education organization’s conversions.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Drag and Drop Email Template Builder
Responsive Email Template Gallery Yes but not education specific
Responsive Email Campaigns
SMS Campaigns Yes but require external purchase
Recurring Communication
Drip Marketing Automation and Workflow Builder Yes but restriction on number of nodes that can be created
Communication Performance Reports & Tracking Yes but only email
Raw Data Management
Responsive Landing Page Builder
Website Widget (Web Form)
Campaign Management

Investigate the ability of each CRM to oversee, monitor, and evaluate enrollment marketing campaigns, determining which one delivers the best ROI.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Campaign Dashboard Yes but requires separate purchase of Zoho Analytics
Lead Verification Index
Channel Classification Yes but requires separate purchase of Zoho Analytics
Inventory Classification
Mutually Exclusive Impact (MEI)
Source Performance Report Yes but requires separate purchase of Zoho Analytics
Lead Flow Algorithm (Quality and Quantity Control of Leads from External Sources)
Publisher Panel (Marketing Agency Performance Panel)
Application Management

Evaluate how each CRM simplifies and automates the application process, making it more efficient for your teams to manage applications.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Application Form Automation Yes but web-based only
Institute Level Registration Page
Form Level Registration Page
White Labelled URL
Query Management System
Document Manager (View and Download)
Email/SMS Notification
Document Verification
Offer Letter Placement
Student Admission Portal

Evaluate CRMs to find the one offering a unified platform for seamless student application, connectivity, payment processes, and eventually experience.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Unified View for Students
My Forms
Login via Application Number
Login via OTP
Query Management System
My Communications (student can view all communications)
My Reports
My Payments (Student can check all payments initiated)
My Documents (Application Form,CAS Letter, Offer Letter)
Post Application Management

Gauge the effectiveness of each CRM in managing the applicant’s journey post-submission, including functionalities such as interview scheduling and admission offer management

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Profile Based Shortlisting Automation
GD/PI Slot Booking
Video Interviews and Panel Assignment
Candidate Evaluation and Scoring
Generate Merit List and Place Offers
Token Fee/Installment payments
Fee Refund Manager
Integration and Support

Assess the integration capabilities of each CRM with your existing systems and the level of customer support offered, to determine which one ensures minimal disruption and maximum productivity.

Sub-Modules Meritto Zoho
Reports and Analytics Yes but requires separate purchase of Zoho Analytics
Facebook and Google Ad connectors
Pre-Integrated Email Service
Pre-Integrated SMS/Text Service
Pre-Integrated WhatsApp Business API Services
Pre-Integrated Payment Stack Yes but require separate purchase of Zoho Books
Exam Integration
ERP/LMS Integration
Mobile CRM
Developer Portal Yes but Chargeable
Trainings Yes but Chargeable
Customer Success Manager

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Still unclear? Ask these questions before buying a CRM

Here’s a quick checklist that can help you select a CRM that aligns with your education organization’s unique needs and goals, ultimately enhancing your enrollment growth.

Evaluation Criteria Question Yes/No
Team Adaptablility Is the CRM designed with the unique needs of education institutions in mind?
Ease of Implementation and Adoption How easy is the CRM to implement and use?
Customer Success Team Does the CRM offer a dedicated customer support team?
Essential Functions and Integrations Does the CRM include essential functions, or does it require numerous plug-ins and integrations?
User-Friendly Mobile Application Does the CRM come with a mobile application that’s easy to use?
Advanced Features for Application Management What cutting-edge features does the CRM offer beyond forms?
Student Journey Management Is the CRM built around managing the student journey making it easy and efficient for your team to track and take actions accordingly?

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