Quality Lead Framework

A comprehensive solution with actionable tools and insights that can help you ensure a dynamic flow of Quality Leads (QL), optimize their impact from enquiry to enrolment, and scale your admissions.
Why is there a dire need for Quality Lead Framework in the Education Industry?

Digital Marketing continues to be one of the essential factors that determine the success of admissions. The current digital marketing ecosystem of institutions comprises numerous digital agencies and publishers that help them build a large pool of prospective students

While many publishers or digital agencies work with the right intent, a few choose shortcuts and indulge in a malpractice, commonly known as Lead Dumping. This malpractice has become a major industry challenge now and severely affects an institution’s marketing expenses, counsellor bandwidths, and ultimately, conversions.

Meritto collaborated with major institutions to understand the gravity of the problem and came up with a comprehensive solution that not only helps institutions overcome the challenges but also sets new benchmarks to scale their performance.

What comprises Quality Lead Framework