B2B CRM Vs B2C CRM for EdTech Businesses

Sales CRM Vs B2C EdTech CRM
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Learn how Sales CRM is different from a purpose built B2C EdTech CRM designed to empower EdTech businesses, call centres, marketing teams, to grow enrolments.

Business Objective

B2B CRM: Suitable for businesses selling to organisations which typically involves long and complex cycle Mostly used by sales representatives.

B2C CRM: Suitable for businesses selling direct to decision maker Which has a short and fast moving sales cycle Used by large call centre teams & on field agents

Telephony Systems

B2B CRM: Not designed to handle high volume calls Limited analytics & tracking around telephonic nurturing Integrations required.

B2C CRM: Inbuilt Plug-n-Play Telephony Systems Incoming, Outgoing, Campaign Dialing on one platform Real Time Productivity Analysis.

Lead Generation & Marketing

B2B CRM: Major leads are created by Sales Reps Limited Source Tracking Limitation on remarketing.

B2C CRM: Leads are generated in high volumes from multiple sources Real Time Source Tracking is a must Remarketing Connectors.

Customer Journey

B2B CRM: Simple journey from Lead-in to conversion Focus on identifying more contacts within the organisation Journey revolves around deal stages, quota, proposal.

B2C CRM: Deep focus on Customer touchpoints Complex Enrolment Journey Trigger-based drips and workflows.

Customer Portal

B2B CRM: No Provision Handled by adding new fields for every aspect.

B2C CRM: Student Enrolment Portal to collect applications, documents, payments on one platform Focus is on giving experience to the students Real Time Status Notifications.

Payment Systems

B2B CRM: Payment Links No conditional workflows Broken end customer journey.

B2C CRM: Powerful Payment Stack Configurable Workflow Builders Real Time Visibility to call centre teams.

Every Vertical Needs a Different Type of CRM - Identify what aligns best with your business!

A Purpose Built B2C EdTech CRM

One Unified Platform for Student Acquistion, Retention, and Upsell

#One Unified Platform # Purpose Built for Call Centre Teams
# 360° Communication Suite # Plug-n-Play Telephony Systems
# E-commerce Module for Upsells # Inbuilt Payment Workflow Builder
# Track & Automate Student Journey # Advanced Reports & Analytics Engine