How Aadhaar Authentication Helps to Automate Student Verification?

Aadhaar Authentication
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Explore a secure, flexible, and automated candidate verification process to speed up your admissions.

Single-Click Authentication Automate Student Verification

Verify Aadhaar Details of Your Candidates

  • One click for your candidates to verify their Aadhaar details securely
  • No scanning or uploading of documents
  • Automatic validation of candidate’s application details - zero manual efforts
  • Prioritize nurturing efforts by identifying verified candidates

How Aadhaar Authentication Helps?

  • Verify candidates faster
  • Leave no scope for errors
  • Improve team's productivity and leverage it for nurturing
  • Choose the application fields you want to validate
  • Stay compliant with UIDAI and UGC recommendations
  • Plug & Play seamlessly with Meritto platform

Proceed with candidates based on their Aadhaar Verification Status

  • Verified - With all the application fields verified, you can safely proceed with admission process for these students.
  • Partially Verified - With at least one application field unverified, you can filter out these candidates and guide them on the required steps to verify their information.
  • Not Verified - With no application field verified, verify these candidates’ documents with extra care before issuing their offer/admission letter. Carefully spend your bandwidth on these applicants to improve your team’s productivity.