How to Control Lead Dumping through Dynamic Lead Algorithm?

Lead Dumping
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Eliminate the major industry challenge of Lead Dumping through Dynamic Lead Algorithm, an industry first feature.

Dynamic Lead Flow Algorithm

An innovative tool that empowers you to scale the volume of Quality Leads into your system automatically.

Higher Quality of Leads Assures Better Outcomes

Set it up only once through these simple steps:

  • Define the number of leads a digital agency or publisher can send via APIs in a day
  • This number can auto-increase with good quality leads and decrease with poor quality ones
  • Set a verification rate as your benchmark
  • Reward or penalize your lead sources dynamically based on their performance

How Dynamic Lead Flow Algorithm helps

  • Improves the flow of quality leads automatically on a daily basis
  • Reduces marketing spends on junk leads and improves ROI
  • Brings in complete transparency and accountability
  • Optimizes the bandwidth of your counsellors
  • Ensures a level playing field for all digital agencies and publishers