Looking for alternatives to Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin?

Looking for alternatives to Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin?

With its easy implementation and user-friendly interface, Meritto is the ideal choice for Schools. Our robust reporting engine and API integration make it easy to access and analyze your data, while our fee collection and management system makes the entire process easier, faster, and more secure. It’s the perfect all-in-one solution for your school’s needs with extensive use cases for admission, marketing, counseling, finance, and operations teams.

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We are the Operating System for Student Recruitment and Enrollment

100 million inquiries processed yearly
on average

5 million applications managed yearly on average

50,000 business users across departments and job functions

1 billion
communications triggered via platform

1000+ education organizations trust Meritto

Over hundreds of education organizations trust Meritto’ purpose-built and comprehensive solutions to manage everything from inquiry to enrollment.

Why choose Meritto over Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin?

One extensive and
powerful platform

Easy to setup, easier to use

Quick & advanced
reporting capabilities

Dedicated Traning

Dedicated training &
migration support

Extensive integration

Choosing the right platform for Admissions & Recruitment Management

The decision between Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin and Meritto’ School Admission CRM shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. Instead, it’s essential to ask the right questions when selecting a comprehensive platform for your admissions and recruitment management needs. Consider factors such as how well the platform fits and adapts to your teams, its ease of implementation and adoption, support for essential functions, mobile application usability, report generation capabilities, and the ability to automate
hyper-personalized communications to prospects.

6 reasons why Meritto is a top alternative to Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin for your School

Easy-to-setup, easier to use UI

Meritto’ School Admission CRM is the superior choice for schools looking for a user-friendly admissions and recruitment management platform. Unlike SchoolAdmin, which has a complicated user interface that requires extensive training to navigate, Meritto offers an easy-to-setup, easier-to-use UI that boosts productivity and adoption. With dedicated migration and training support, Meritto ensures that schools can manage their enrollments automatically without any hassle. Plus, the extensive CRM purpose-built specifically for admission teams makes Meritto a seamless and straightforward solution for schools looking to streamline their processes.

Take Integrations to a whole new level

With plug-and-play extensions, Meritto offers a complete and unified solution that seamlessly integrates with third-party apps like social plugins, exam platforms, digital verification, or ERP/ SIS, to optimize your admission process and boost productivity. In contrast, FinalSite’s SchoolAdmin Enrollment Management System doesn’t provide such a comprehensive solution and may require additional resources and time to set up and integrate.

Streamlined report generation for increased efficiency

Unlike SchoolAdmin’s complex reporting system, which requires significant training to navigate, Meritto’ user-friendly interface allows your teams to produce comprehensive reports with just a few clicks. This streamlined approach to report generation saves time and increases overall efficiency, giving you a competitive advantage in the admissions process. Meritto’ School Admission CRM streamlines the report generation process, giving your teams the power to quickly and easily link data, insights, and analytics together. With our intuitive dashboard, you’ll have access to all the relevant data you need to make informed decisions about your admissions process.

Dedicated training & migration support

At Meritto, we prioritize the success of our clients and understand the importance of proper training and migration support. Our solution is tailor-made to cater to the unique requirements of Schools, and our dedicated team provides end-to-end training to all the relevant departments such as admission, counseling, marketing, finance, and operations. With this, your teams can quickly become proficient in using Meritto’ School Admission CRM, boosting their productivity and efficiency. Unlike SchoolAdmin, which only offers webinars, recordings, and documentation for training and migration, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure our clients’ success.

Enroll anytime, anywhere with Meritto’ mobile app

With Meritto’ mobile app, you can manage your admissions process on the go, with ease and convenience. The app provides a comprehensive view of your admissions funnel, from inquiries to enrollment, and enables you to access real-time data and analytics from anywhere at any time. In contrast, SchoolAdmin’s lack of a mobile-friendly application can limit your flexibility and accessibility. While there are plans for SchoolAdmin to develop a mobile app after its acquisition by Finalsite, Meritto is already offering a mobile solution to enhance your admissions process.

Fee collection made easier, faster, and more secure

Meritto offers a hassle-free payment platform that streamlines the entire payment process, from collection to tracking. Unlike SchoolAdmin, which relies on third-party payment gateways, Meritto’ Education Payment Platform comes with multiple inbuilt gateways, providing you with more control and convenience. With just one click, you can enroll and make payments quickly and easily, without the need to worry about managing multiple payment systems.

First-hand users rate Meritto’ School Admission CRM above
Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin Enrollment Management System

Meritto has consistently received positive feedback from its first-hand users, earning higher ratings compared to Finalsite’s SchoolAdmin. With Meritto’ user-friendly interface, extensive integration capabilities, personalized training and support, and mobile-friendly app, it’s no surprise that users have rated it above SchoolAdmin.

Rating Platform SchoolAdmin Meritto
4.7 5
4.2 4.5
Disclaimer: Ratings as of 16 March 2023
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