How Education CRM helps to Eliminate Lead Duplication?

Typically, educational institutes acquire leads for all their programs from multiple channels like websites, walk-ins, calls, digital campaigns, or even agents or publishers. Now, when they do that, they're very high chances of receiving a single lead multiple times. And if you manage your leaves without using any centralised lead management system, say in spreadsheets tools or point solutions, there are very high chances of lead duplication, which is very common across the industry. If your leads are duplicate, you run at the risk of paying multiple times for a single lead. Also, different counsellors can reach out to a single lead multiple times, which will impact your team productivity.

Also will result in poor candidate experience. To eliminate this issue, Meritto has launched an innovative multilevel source attribution, which brings accountability and transparency to your entire admission process. Now you can track lead sources at multiple levels without needing to store your leads multiple times. This eliminates lead duplicity completely, while empowering you to attribute the primary, secondary and tertiary sources, or as we call it, as SPST of your lead. The right source attribution helps you to optimise and scale your campaign.

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