How to Maximise Student Quality Enrollment? Do’s and Don’ts of Admission Marketing

Learn how to maximise your admission marketing ROI and run data-driven campaigns to amplify quality enrolments with these simple Do's and Don'ts.

For any educational institution, having a successful admission cycle is paramount. So let's quickly jump into some super important do's and don'ts.

Do's and Don'ts of Admission Marketing to Amplify Quality Enrolments


  • Don't use multiple point solutions and Excel sheets to manage your leads. 
  • Don't engage with your prospects using bulk communication.
  • Don't align with marketing agency or publisher deals on the basis of cost per lead 
  • Don't get incomplete leads details from your publishers or marketing agencies.
  • Don't calculate your ROI using Excel sheet at the end of the admission session.
  • Don't allocate your marketing budgets on the basis of assumption.
  • Don't generate reports and analytics at the end of the season.
  • Don't use a Catered approach to manage your admissions.


  • Do consolidate all your incoming leads in a single platform.
  • Do personalise your communication on the basis of a single applicant journey.
  • Do finalise your agency and publisher deals on the basis of cost per verified lead.
  • Do ensure ways to capture all the genuine and complete lead details.
  • Do calculate your ROI in real time on a single platform.
  • Do optimise your marketing spend by knowing the impact of your sources at each stage of your admission process.
  • Do keep a track of all your reports and analytics on a runtime basis.
  • Do use a single, comprehensive platform to streamline, manage, and upscale your admission process.

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