Advanced & Effective Lead Nurturing Strategies for Education Industry

Do you know 80% of your conversions come from 20% of applicants you have? Interesting, right? But how to identify this 20% of applicants from the pool of leads you have?

Educational institutions these days have more channels to engage the student than ever before. Emails, SMS, exhaustive calls are just few names. Because of the multiple avenues available to the students, their enrollment journey has become far from linear.

Therefore, it's crucial to engage them via multiple touch points. In order to maximise ROI and optimise marketing spends, Meritto has introduced a set of strategies to identify, nurture and convert the higher intent applicants into enrollment. Let's understand all the strategies individually. We'll start with first. Multiple registration impact or MRI?

As the name implies, it captures the students trying to register via multiple touch points the Google Ads or Facebook post. This strategy works on advanced filter registration attempts and captures the students when they are at initial state of enquiry, thereby improving the counsellor productivity and volume of quality enrollment. Second is instant decision, impact or IDI? Decision making of the student has become more confusing than ever because of the wide array of revenues available to them. Similarly, this process has become tedious for the counsellors as well.

To nurture the clump of students, it might happen that the student may be busy or out of station, and at that particular moment it has been marked as not interested or not reachable by the counsellor based on the instant decision. But however, the student turns out to be interested and tries to reach out to the institutions via other mediums. But because of the lead stage not being interested/cold the student has not been nurtured. This leads to broken experience and the loss of opportunities. The IDI strategy reduces the possibility and helps counsellors to identify using advanced filters the recent activity of the student and counsellor.

With this filter and counsellor efforts, the students are able to move closer to the enrollment process. Third is the Strategic nurturing plan or SNP. This strategy allows you to prioritise the leads based on the genuineness and insights such as lead score, lead strength. However, SNP becomes more crucial when the councillor at their last stage of admission phase, where it is at most important to focus on 20% of leads which will convert.

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