Offline Vs Online Post Application Process for Business Schools

Let's look at how B-schools conduct their post application process manually without VPA compared to how they do it with VPA .

Offline Vs Virtual Post Application Process for B-Schools

Offiline Post Application

  • Manual process which is prone to errors and involves a lot of team bandwidth.
  • Costs a lot of time and money.
  • Unsynchronized.
  • Difficult to communicate and share updates on a real time basis.
  • For students, it leads to a broken experience.
  • Involves travel and accommodation.
  • Missed opportunities in case of date clashes.
  • Long waiting times with no updates.

Virtual Post Application

  • With VPA, it's an automated process which eliminates all possible errors and optimises team bandwidth.
  • Saves a lot of time and money.
  • In sync with all the stakeholders in a single platform.
  • Real time communication across all the channels.
  • With VP, it's a seamless experience for the candidate. Involves travel and accommodation.
  • No need to travel and worry about accommodation as everything is online.
  • No missed opportunities.
  • No more waiting with real time updates.

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