Student Intent Verification to Prioritize Your High Intent Leads

Today, educational institutions are receiving multitudes of leads from multiple sources for multiple courses. Now, the question becomes how to channelize this data and how to optimize your efforts on them. The most initial response of colleges is usually a bulk email or a bulk SMS.

Now, this approach brings down your brand equity by a lot. Why? Because you're sending content to candidates who don't even want to receive it. And furthermore, the efforts of your counsellors go in vain as well, because they are constantly connecting with leads day in, day out, who don't even want to give them responses. And talking about managing this data, acquiring this data, the cost that you're spending, essentially 80 or 70% of that goes into junk leads.

Now, how do you solve these problems? Well, Meritto has the answer for you. That is why we brought about the student intent verification. Now, what does this do? The student intent verification process verifies a candidate's email address or phone number and decides their intent for your institution.

With that, you would be able to analyze your efforts, your counsellors efforts into connecting with leads that are actually interested in you. And this process has brought about a paradigm shift from cost per lead to cost per verified lead. This essentially saves your marketing budget, and you would be able to spend more in the most optimized of manners possible. Now, with all of this said and done, the student verification process, the student intent verification, becomes a key tool for all educational institutions across the country. Click here to schedule a call with one of our enrollment experts.