What is Lead Score in Education CRM?

When we talk about call prioritisation, how do a caller prioritise the call? It's an important thing. Rather than asking to get 50 sets of data I'm making calls serial wise and most of them are refusing that they are not interested. It's important any counsellor or caller should have a tool through which they can prioritise a call.

When you talk about call prioritisation the one important thing that comes into my mind is lead score. Now what exactly is the lead score? So when we say lead score, it's a score that is given by the system based on the intent of the student. Now when we say a student, the time taken to convert a student varies from 15 days to 25 days. Now it's important that you have a tool which gives a score based on what activity the student is performing.

For example, if you have sent a mail, a student has opened the mail, the student will get a positive number. Now the second student who has opened the mail, clicked on the link will get a higher score as compared to the first student. Whereas the first student who has unsubscribed from your mail which is a negative activity will get a negative score. Apart from that, any caller who is giving a call and putting up the lead stage if the lead stage is positive, the system will give a lead positive score. If it's a negative stage, a negative score will come up and eventually a score will build up against the lead.

This lead score will tell you the intent of the particular student. Not only that, the caller will be able to personalise and prioritise the call based on the score because the caller will know that this particular student is accessing the mail, this particular student is active on WhatsApp or this particular student is opening up the SMS. So this is how a lead score builds up. So this is the definition of lead score.Click here to schedule a call with one of our enrollment experts for b>Education CRM.