What is Lead Strength in Education CRM?

What exactly is Lead Strength in Education CRM?

Now, I know that the highest lead score means the person has the highest intent. But what about the comparison of leads within themselves? Lead score won't suffice that. Thus, lead percentile is required. When we say lead percentile, it tells you where exactly the leads are sent in the entire lead pool.

It's a comparison of lead within the pool. So the person who is having the highest lead score will have 100 percentile and the person who is having a negative lead score will have a 0 percentile. It's exactly similar to a CAT score. The person who has scored the highest gets 100 percentile. How is it going to help you out?

It's an important question. Now imagine there are two counsellors or callers X and Y. X is having a lead who is having a percentile between zero to 30% and his conversion ratio is 10%. Whereas why is another counsellor who is handling the leads who are handling the lead percentile between 80 to 100 and his conversion is also 10%. That doesn't mean both of them are converting at the same rate.

That means that X is giving more effort, although their conversion rate is the same. But we can know through lead strength that the effort put by X is more as compared to Y. Thus, the lead strength or lead percentile is an important parameter that will help you to compare the leads within the lead pool as well as see who is giving what sort of effort. Lead synth. Helps you to prioritise your calling.

Also helps you to optimise your bandwidth. Optimising bandwidth means giving less effort and getting the maximum output out of it. Click here to schedule a call with one of our enrollment experts for Education CRM to schedule a call with one of our enrollment experts.