Unified Communication Suite

Personalise communication across multiple channels in a contextual manner to maximise enrolments for your educational organisation.

Why should educational institutions adopt a
Unified Communication Suite?

Typically, educational organisations communicate with their candidates in silos through multiple channels like emails, SMSes, calls and WhatsApp but are often unable to share personalised, contextual knowledge or engage with them in real time. This results in poor and delayed engagement for many candidates that doesn’t justify the lead acquisition costs and impacts your marketing ROIs, brand reputation, and ultimately, enrolments. However, Meritto’ 360 degree Communication Suite is a de facto choice for anyone in education looking to scale – be it Higher Education or Online Degree Programmes, Coaching Institutes or EdTech, K-12 or Preschools!

A Personalized, One-Stop Communication Solution to Convert Better

Communicate seamlessly across multiple channels to ensure a supremely engaging experience for your applicants.

360° Communication for your Enrolments, at your fingertips!

With Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) Unified Communication Suite, you can communicate effectively across multiple channels to ensure personalised engagement with your candidates from enquiry to enrolment. Not only that, but you can also track everyday progress with real-time analytics and accordingly, optimise your communications. In brief, it empowers you to communicate across multiple channels via a single platform that maximises engagement and reinforces their decision to join your institution, ultimately improving your admission marketing ROIs, brand reputation, and enrolments.


Send appealing, personalised emails in seconds

Create responsive emails in just a few clicks via an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. Personalise communication with numerous tokens based on the applicant’s profile, behaviour, and activity, and share direct login links unique to each applicant. Choose from 100+ pre-designed templates in the free email gallery, or create emails from scratch and save them as templates to reuse anytime as per your preference.

Broadcast multilingual text messages

Send personalised, multi-lingual SMSes to your candidates to enable quick response and speed up their enrolment journey. For your sender ID, you no longer need to break up your brand name again. Broadcast SMSes to numerous candidates at once with a unique, numerical sender ID to ensure an uninterrupted and personalised flow of communication.

Instant SMS
WhatsApp Messaging

Make Engagements Dynamic with WhatsApp Business API

Engage with candidates personally through rich media messaging on WhatsApp. With an open rate of over 98%, WhatsApp Business API enables you to automate personalised communication based on applicant’s inputs. On WhatsApp, you can contextualise engagement, deliver immersive experiences, and boost enrolments much faster than other channels!

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Conversational Chatbot

Nurture on the go with In App Calling

Engage with your prospects based on their profile, access or update their details, and call leads while on the move. From making in-app calls to sending emails, SMS or WhatsApp texts, everything your onground team needs to contextually engage your candidates can be done on the Meritto Mobile App from anywhere, anytime.

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Conversational Chatbot

Nurture 24*7 with Niaa, the Education Chatbot

Automate contextual engagement with a prospect from enquiry to enrolment with Niaa, the conversational NLP-based chatbot. Available 24*7*365, Niaa enables you to tap into your greatest asset – your website – to identify your most valuable visitors, instantly start conversations, convert inbound and advertising traffic, and uncover intent signals, ultimately increasing your revenue.

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Personalise engagement with Marketing Automation

Automate personalised, timely communication and workflows across multiple channels i.e. Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notifications with prospective candidates. Engage contextually throughout the enquiry to enrolment journey based on the stage and activity of a prospect via an intuitive drip marketing workflow builder. Once set up, experience the beauty of Marketing Automation at work as you watch your enrolments scale in a seamless manner.

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Marketing Automation
real-time push notification

Elicit prompt candidate action with Real-Time Push Notifications

Keep your prospects informed and interested throughout the enrolment journey with real-time push notifications. Build trigger-based communication workflows to update your team with notifications on the Meritto Mobile App on when to take critical actions to engage candidates and speed up enrolments, quicker than ever before!

Automate Ads Strategically with Remarketing Connectors

Retarget your prospects through strategic remarketing campaigns and optimse your processes with zero manual efforts. Feed relevant ads in real-time to custom audiences on Facebook and Google, based on their activity and ensure maximum winning opportunities.

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strategic remarketing connectors

Master your Marketing Communication

For educational organisations, it is crucial to tap into the right communication approach while targeting the leads for optimised conversion rates. This ebook will help you:

  • Prioritise personalised engagement with leads based on intent to ensure timely action and boost response rates.
  • Send targeted, contextualised communication via omni channel platforms to resonate with core requirements of candidates.
  • Get hands-on advanced communication strategies to stay at the forefront of the education industry.
  • Ensure 360° engagement and fine-tune marketing efforts to maximise ROI and achieve exponential growth.
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